Hello Friends! We are the West Rowan Bible Teachers Association

We are a registered non-profit organization (501-c-3) whose sole purpose is to raise and manage the funds necessary to support the Bible classes conducted in the West Rowan public schools. The support includes the salary and benefits of three full time teachers, as well as many necessary supplies & expenses. The Bible classes do not receive funding from any county, state, or federal educational agencies. The WRBTA, therefore, raises all funds necessary to support and provide for the Bible classes, from various fundraising events held throughout the year, donations from individuals, businesses, civic & church organizations and some basic grant opportunities.

The Bible classes are taught from an educational, cultural and historical perspective as we seek to broaden the education of the students through studying a book that has greatly influenced much of western civilization. It is not our purpose or intent to teach the Bible devotionally or with the intent of furthering religious practices.

We are comprised entirely of a volunteer staff - people who have been directly or indirectly affected by Bible classes in the West Rowan community. Some of us are former students, while others are family of former students or just friends of the classes. During the 2019/2020 school year, Sara Bailey Wooten is teaching at WRHS, Sara Reeder is at WRMS and Faith Devenney is at WRES and MUES. Between these teachers there are over 1,100 students who have chosen a Bible class as an Elective. These classes have been offered since 1948, continue to be in demand, and remain a proud and satisfying tradition in Rowan County, NC. It requires about $216,000 a year to provide these classes. We are so glad you stopped by. Please check out our upcoming events page.

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